About Us

Mettox Oilfield Supplies LLC is one of the credible international Oilfield Supplies & services company, Incorporated in 2011 in Abu Dabhi. The company has already acquired its reputation in the International market in supply and services of Oilfield products. Mettox is specialized in supplies of various requirements for Ships, Yachts, Dredgers, Land and Offshore rigs etc. Our office in Abu Dabhi, U.A.E., is managed by personnel with significant experience in all aspects of sales, purchasing, warehousing and business development in the field of Oil & Gas. Our facilities include a warehouse complex of 5,000 sq.ft. Mettox stock supplies of ship stores, drilling / oil field equipment, marine chemicals & lubricants, hardware, safety products, pipe and fittings, nuts and bolts, refrigeration, welding items, hoses, wire ropes and various consumables. Our geographical coverage is widespread. Our Strong Network, relationship and influence with manufacturers, enables us to offer superior packages of equipment to end users for specific high value. With our strong presence in the Middle East market, we have also made our presence felt across the globe.

Our Mission

• To Strive to provide Excellent and Innovative Products to our Clients
• To Gain the Confidence of our Customers by Transparency
• To Promote Sustainable Products for a Greener future
• To Contribute to the development of the Community

Our Vision

• Employee Satisfaction & Recognition
• Appreciation from our Clients & Society
• Integrity & Dedication
• Teamwork & Professionalism
• Passion to provide Quality Products and Services